Population Health Management

Utilization Cost

The top portion of this report displays cost and risk for the entire population. Below that are 6 risk categories, each one containing cost and risk levels for each chronic condition bucket. It’s important to note that while these are flat reports, the live ones are full interactive and allows the user to select a chronic condition and place of service to analyze.

All Conditions Risk Stratification

This displays information similar to the Disease Prevalence dashboard above, but slices it down by risk category.

Disease Prevalence

This dashboard displays all identified chronic conditions and shows how many members are in each condition bucket and what proportion of the total population that represents, in line with Amy’s request. The Prevalence Rate is the same as the % of Total Population.

Claims Analysis

This report breaks down claims by gender and chronic condition. It’s a quick overview report that displays the spread of chronic conditions and their associated costs by gender.

Risk Chronology

This report shows the progression of risk over time per member. Additional information such as the impact of programs such as health coaching, case management, incentives etc. can be tracked chronologically on this report.