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HR Consulting Services in NC, SC, & TN

Human Resource Professionals wear many hats on a day-to-day basis. There are many complex issues that you are expected to juggle. EBA is here for you! We provide our clients with professional HR consulting services in NC, SC, & TN. We will be an extension of your staff as no task is too small for us to handle. We will work with you daily to enhance your HR department.

EBA's Solutions include:

Benefit Administration System

Benefit Administration System offers:

  • A sleek dashboard with snapshots of relevant in-progress enrollment information and aggregate notifications

  • Employee management, product availability management, QLE management, election and enrollment processing, and change log

  • Forms and document management including electronic signature workflows

  • Built-in communications system with ability to edit and manage standard email templates

  • Task management to track EDI and integration tasks across multiple products

For Employers, Benefit Administration System:

  • Supports all benefits and types of contribution strategies (including individuals not eligible for employer-sponsored medical)

  • Means no more printing and scanning, thanks to paperless form-signing feature, built-in task management, and notifications that make QLEs a breeze

  • Keeps employees engaged in benefits year-round through a mobile post enrollment experience, and helps you reward them for healthy behavior

For Employees, Benefit Administration System:

  • Our employee benefit system in NC, SC, & TN, provides an awesome shopping experience for enrolling in benefits that's more like the online retail experiences you’re used to

  • Benefit Administration System also includes a mobile app that...

    • Acts as a virtual insurance card with convenient access to all benefits

    • Provides on-the-go support for benefits questions via the concierge service

    • Streams in data from fitness devices and allows you to redeem rewards for being active

Data Security

We understand the critical importance of information protection to our customers and recognize the contribution information security can make to an organization’s success and overall risk management program. Benefit Administration System has adopted security controls and practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information in strict compliance with HIPAA and state privacy regulations.


  • ThinkHR Live - A team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions and provide advice.

  • ThinkHR Comply - An award-winning resource center for all of your workforce issues.

  • ThinkHR Learn - Training solutions that develop employees and ensure compliance.

Contact us directly for more information about our HR consulting services in NC, SC, & TN. Our team of experts are always ready to address your needs and will remain professional, attentive, and supportive throughout the entire process.

HR Consulting Services in NC, SC, & TN