Meet The Team

Employee Benefit Advisors - its founders, principles, and family legacy companies - have been local and national innovators in the risk management and insurance industry for over 32 years, all right here in North Carolina.

Now headquartered in Davidson, NC, EBA has long distinguished itself as a creative force in employee benefit brokerage services, plan design, implementation, claims analysis, technology, health + wellness, and, most predominately, client service.


Our boutique advisory team customizes every benefit platform at every client location. No exceptions. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach with EBA. Each client gets the evaluation, analysis, recommendations and plan implementation that is best suited for them.

The ONLY business we are in is employer-sponsored, group health, benefit advisory services. No property + casualty and no individual insurance products – our sole focus is on providing expert advice to employer-sponsored group benefit programs.

The EBA healthcare foundation began in 1982 with the founding of Health Care Savings, the first ever PPO network in the state of North Carolina, founded by Dick Dunn.

From those early entrepreneurial beginnings, the leaders in NC risk management and insurance innovation have spawned one of the nation’s leading managed care companies, Managed CareUSA, founded by David Dunn (1992) as well as Alternative Healthcare Options, founded by Richard Dunn (1994).

All of that experience and expertise has joined together into one of the state’s leading independent boutique brokerage firms, Employee Benefit Advisors, founded by Douglas Dunn in 1999.

Doug Dunn

A Charlotte native, Doug is the heart and soul (and, as most people say, the brains) of EBA. Having founded the firm in 1999, Doug has worked in one single industry his entire adult life - the insurance and healthcare profession.

Upon graduating from Appalachian State University in 1992 with a double major in HealthCare Management and Risk Management, Doug immediately began his career by helping to start 3 different health insurance companies, serving as Lead Underwriter the entire way.


Zach Brock

Director, Client Services

Zach has distinguished himself at EBA through an unprecedented level of commitment, attention to detail, and sheer work ethic to having recently been named to direct the Client Services team.

Simply put, Zach loves serving others and his drive and determination to excel in this area shines brightly in every hour of every day at EBA.


Harrison Dunn

Client Services, Technology Manager

As the Technology Manager at EBA, Harrison provides integral support by working alongside our technology partners to help bring our clients the most advanced benefits and HR management systems on the market today.

Harrison recently graduated from UNC Charlotte with a business administration degree and a concentration in Health Care Marketing. He joined EBA as an intern during his senior year and quickly developed a passion for changing the way our clients see their health benefits.


Philip Ritchy

Client Services, Health and Wellness Director

Philip develops tailored programs for our clients that deliver specialized health and wellness programs, giving busy professionals the vital tools they need to achieve a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. Philip’s passion is corporate wellness along with developing world class trainers and programs for the clients we serve. He understands that having a “healthy” workforce is a key component to having a “productive” workforce.


“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

- Don Adams